Week 9/13

March 27, 2018
Week 9/13

Week 9/13   (20/03-27/03)

After arriving back in Kuala Lumpur that afternoon, we made our way via public transport to our hotel and explored the local night life. This was also Bianca’s last night away, her flight was 10pm the next day, so we wanted to make the most of it. We wondered around for a few hours and I found an Indian shop that made the nicest Cheese Naan bread.


The next day Bianca left for the airport, whilst Laura and I set off to find our hostel for the next week. Originally, we were suppose to fly over to Brunei and travel around Borneo but we decided against it because of how much it would cost over there. Instead we now had two weeks in Kuala Lumpur and we planned on spending as little as possible. The hostel we stayed at for the next week was in an apartment, in a great location. We had night markets close, a shopping centre close and different forms of transport close. To get the train anywhere it only cost a dollar or two. Over the next week we honestly didn’t do much. One day we went to the National Art Gallery, which we both loved. It was free entry and had a art exhibition on pollution, which I found really interesting. Most other days we either just stayed at the hostel, went to find somewhere nice to eat or went window shopping. I decided to do a challenge of only spending $10 a day, (not including accommodation) which was actually really easy to do. We were still able to sometimes eat at a nice restaurant, where the meal would cost around $4-$6 and then eat something cheap for dinner like 2-minute noodles or street food.


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