What to expect in Hong Kong

March 17, 2018
What to expect in Hong Kong

Before arriving in Hong Kong, I had a few ideas to what it would be like. I knew it was going to be expensive and that it was capital of the business world. What I wasn’t expecting was how much there was too see, how big the city really was and how different it is to anywhere else in the world.

The public transport system in Hong Kong means you can go literally go anywhere. You can get buses, trains, taxis, uber- the lot. It also ended up being a lot cheaper than what I was expecting. Everyday when we got the bus or train to a different spot in the city, it only cost a few dollars (AUS). However, it is important to know that most people use a Octopus Travel Card, so you will need to have the right change if your not using one. I felt like peak time was late afternoon/early in the night. In the main parts of the city it was crazy how many people were walking around or lining up to get buses during these times. Like most places in Asia, it will come to life at night.

I only ate out for a few meals, costing around $10 (AUS) or less and making sure it was the cheapest vegetarian meals on the menu. At most restaurants the food was ridiculously expensive (even more than Australia), some $30-$40 (AUS) for one meal. Due to us backpacking and wanting to spend as least money as possible we were lucky that our hostel had a kitchen and we cooked a lot of our own meals. Although mostly Chinese cuisines, there was also many different places to get Western foods all around the city.

Vege Pan-Fried Dumplings and Boiled Lettuce

Cheese Pizza Slice


The one thing I didn’t expect was how much there was to do there. We spent one day going to Lamma Island which was incredible and so nice, and then every other day we spent exploring different parts of the city. You don’t need to spend a lot to explore Hong Kong, but in saying that, I also did spend the most in Hong Kong compared to every other destination on this trip.

Key Notes:
- More expensive then other locations in Asia
- Great/Easy public transport
- Heaps to do in the city
- Unlike any other city

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